E.M.I. ITALIA is a company that for over 30 years has been designing and manufacturing equipment for various types of heat treatment at low, medium and high temperature.

E.M.I. furnaces can be static or continuous, according to the materials to be treated and the required production, electric heated, gas fired or diesel oil fired.

The furnaces are employed by companies engaged in heating, drying, annealing, casting of non-ferrous metals, drying, plastic moulding, resin polymerization, paint drying, baking composite materials, automotive plate glass production etc.

E.M.I. ITALIA, in particular, is specialised in the glass production field, in the manufacture of systems for tempering, curving and tempering, or just gravity curving of plate glass.

These systems are designed for glassworks operating in the furnishing, building, lighting, bathroom accessories and automotive plate glass sectors.

The considerable experience acquired in the field of thermal engineering allows E.M.I. ITALIA to offer its customers highly qualified and highly reliable products.

Skilled technicians assist with the assembly and testing of the equipment on the installation site.

The systems are built on demand and in compliance with the specific needs of each customer.

All the systems can be operated by a distributed control system composed of microprocessor based instruments, interfaced to a Personal Computer loaded with software packages designed to control and supervise the process data.

The reasons of our success can be attributed mainly to:

  • Many years of experience and the high technical qualifications of our staff.
  • Availability of vehicles equipped as mobile workshops that allow us to operate all over Italy.
  • The guarantee of work carried out perfectly and in compliance with the law in force.
  • Extremely competitive prices, without prejudice to the quality offered, thanks to a strict policy of containment of administrative costs.