Industrial furnaces

E.M.I. ITALIA designs and manufactures industrial furnaces and lines for low, medium and high temperature heat treatment. The furnaces can be static or continuous, powered by electricity, gas or diesel oil, depending on the materials to be treated and the production required.

Types of heat treatment systems

The systems are made in a manner consistent with the specific needs of each client.

Reliable, efficient and fully compliant with the law in force, industrial furnaces made by E.M.I. ITALIA, which has a factory in Agrate Brianza, are the ideal solution for all companies that need to carry out the following treatments:
heating, drying, annealing, casting of non-ferrous metals, drying, plastic moulding, resin polymerisation, paint drying and baking of composite materials.
Our technicians carry out assembly and testing of the furnaces and of the heat treatment systems.


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