Furnaces for composite materials

E.M.I. Italia is highly specialised in the construction of furnaces for curing composite materials, i.e. systems provided with a vacuum bagging system which provides excellent temperature uniformity among the different materials treated, using the most advanced and innovative technologies. The company guarantees total safety of the system, ease of use, fine adjustment of temperature gradients, high homogeneity of the heat and energy saving.

Heat cycles and vacuum pumps of industrial furnaces for composite materials are operated by a PLC, an IROP management and control system of last generation with the possibility of remote management through the Ethernet network and interactive supervision through the Internet. Furnaces for composite materials, with innovative features such as the modularity of the bearing structure, which enables future processing without any problem, do not need be recessed or fixed to the ground and can be equipped with a multiple ventilation system with variable speed. These furnaces give the possibility of chosing the air adjustment and selecting the operating vacuum lines.

The industrial furnaces for composite materials are made in various sizes according to the "specifications" and requirements of the customer. All the systems of this type are made after careful designing of the insulation with an aim for lower energy consumption and maximum temperature uniformity.
Final testing is carried out on site, with the verification of all the operating parameters.

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